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Redsea Tech & IT Service (RST) is Sweden based IT services company providing full life-cycle services for both private and public sectors. The company aims global presence through its product development business and the delivery centers. RST is committed to develop enterprises and society through IT by realizing new opportunities in customers' business transformation.

The company

IT maintenance

Our IT maintenance services have helped numerous companies by providing them the flexibility of tailored solutions fit for their IT infrastructure. This offers increased efficiency and productivity at lower costs. They are excellent at diagnosis of reported faults as well as prompt resolutions. Since each company is unique with individual systems, we focus on customizing the maintenance plans for each client to suit their individual requirements.

IT Maintenance

System Integration

Business ecosystem changes constantly. Demanding and highly informed customers, rising competition and the necessity for companies to expand globally challenge the business's predictability. With the current situation, IT should be able to reinvent itself for supporting businesses better, helping them to make better decisions.

System Integration

DIY Computers and Servers

Although mass products of more or less acceptable quality are offered by vendors, there are no custom-made solutions with optimum performance and components of your own choice in these shops. What is even worse, even the computer shop around the corner does not necessarily offer the best solution either. Those computer retailers seem to force only those products upon their customers, which offer the highest profit.

DIY Computers and Servers

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